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Babe Ruth signed card goes for the home run with insane auction record

Babe Ruth, MLB

Over the pandemic, sports cards have become a hot commodity. People now more than ever are collecting sports cards as they see it as a way to either boast their collection or make some revenue. Well, one lucky guy’s family hit the jackpot with an old signed card of MLB legend Babe Ruth.

A rare 1933 Goudey #149 card that was signed by The Bambino himself just sold for $761,100 at auction on Sunday night, per TMZ. The Babe Ruth card was sold for more than double than the card has ever been sold for before.

What makes this story even more fascinating is that it was part of the legendary “Uncle Jimmy” collection. An elderly man by the name of Jimmy Miconi from New Jersey collected a crazy number of super-rare cards  that he had hidden away since he was a child. After decades of being kept away, experts were amazed by the job he did in preserving the cards, with one expert saying that “it feels like they were printed yesterday.”