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Video: Shannin Sharpe throws it down in the Drew League

Shannin Sharpe

The Drew League was electric this past weekend when Shannin Sharpe, otherwise known as Shannon Sharpe, threw down a monsterous one-handed slam that left the crowd wild. Sharpe’s dunk not only made waves through the Drew League followers but also through NBA players, such as Los Angeles Lakers‘ point guard Jordan Clarkson. who posted the dunk on his Instagram.

The Drew League released this official video above, but the fan camera angle shows the complete demolition committed by Sharpe.

The Drew League has attracted NBA fans during the offseason with flashy basketball from NBA players as well as young ballers. Sharpe played as a guard for the Colorado Buffaloes during his collegiate career, but his dunk left everyone in awe throughout the court. Even the sweepers took a minute to get over the hype around the gym and ultimately get back to the game at hand.

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