Capcom has just started their silkbind skill showcase for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, their big expansion for Monster Hunter Rise includes a ton of new content including new monsters, new locales, and more. Following the previous digital showcase for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, a series of weapon trailers were promised to be released on the 16th of May and focus on at least one new silkbind skill for all 14 weapon types in the game. The first trailers were released to feature the Sword & Shield, Switch Axe, and Heavy Bowgun.

In the first trailer, with the hunter seen fighting the recently revealed Aurora Somnacanth, the first newly revealed silkbind skill is called Destroyer Oil, which uses a wirebug to cover the hunter's blade in a potent oil that can be used to cause monsters to flinch more during combat. While this skill does seem exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Destroyer Oil and other kinds of sword oils were first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations, such as Affinity Oil and Stamina Oil. There is currently no word if other kinds of oils will also be returning to the game.

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Along with the demonstration of Destroyer Oil, the previous skillbind moves such as  Metsu Shoryugeki and a new basic sword & shield combo known as  Twin Blade Combo was also revealed.

With their Switch Axe trailer, the hunter can be seen fighting against the recently revealed Magma Almudron while performing various weapon and skilbind moves including Switch Charger,  Wide Sweep, and 2-Stage Morph Slash. As a new silkbind move, the Elemental Burst Counter has been revealed, allowing hunters to stand and absorb one big attack and retaliate with a powerful elemental strike. This new silkbind skill is a huge new addition for the Switch Axe, as hunters now have a defensive option available to go with the weapon's predominantly offensive attack style.


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Lastly, a trailer for the Heavy Bowgun was revealed. Fighting against the mighty Diablos, the hunter is shown using a new silkbind move called Setting Sun, which lets heavy gunners fire through a visible ring that causes multi-hit ammo (such as pierce shot or scattershot ammo) to increase in damage. Along with Counter Charger and Counter Shot silkbind moves, a new weapon move was revealed alongside the Charged Shot move called the Crouching Shot, which causes hunters to take a powerful stance position and fire off extra ammo in rapid succession. This weapon move was also previously introduced in previous Monster Hunter games such as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, as well as Monster Hunter Generations under the name “Valor style”

As three weapon types have been showcased, eleven more weapons remain and are expected to be rolled out sometime next week.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be released on June 30th, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. For more information, visit our page for more articles on Monster Hunter Rise.