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Juan Soto’s reaction to Jacob deGrom’s return hints at Nationals future

Nationals, Juan Soto, Jacob deGrom

The 2022 MLB trade deadline is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2nd, at 6 PM EST. That happens to be the same day New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom is set to make his 2022 debut against the Nationals in Washington. Meanwhile, Juan Soto has been the subject of a number of trade rumors. Although many people expect Soto to be dealt ahead of the trade deadline, Soto himself may think otherwise. The reaction of the National’ 23-year old phenom to the deGrom news hints at his future in Washington, via Talkin’ Baseball.

Nobody is ever excited to face Jacob deGrom. Even though he is returning from the injured list, deGrom is still a force on the mound. But one has to wonder why Juan Soto would react in this manner if he felt he was being traded.

MLB insider Hector Gomez recently reported that the Nationals are prepared to make one final offer to Juan Soto. The number they are prepared to offer is unclear, but we can assume it will be more than $440 million.

Gomez also reported that Soto will be traded if he declines Washington’s extension offer again. So does Soto’s deGrom reaction suggest he’s staying in Washington?

In the end, this is all speculation. Soto could have meant a number of different things with this social media reaction. But at the very least, this reaction provides Nationals fans with some hope.

If Juan Soto is traded, the Padres, Cardinals, Dodgers and Mariners are the reported front-runners. However, Seattle’s recent Luis Castillo trade may take them out of the running.

We will continue to monitor the Juan Soto situation closely. His future will become clear within the next few days.