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10 All-Time College teams now available in NBA 2K17

Allen Iverson Georgetown nba 2k17 college

If you’ve played “The Prelude” on NBA 2K17 prior to its early release Friday, then you’re aware of the college feel 2K Sports has been wanting to give this game when it comes to its “My Career” mode.

Now prior to the official release on Tuesday, 2K has released a total of 10 all-time college teams available as downloadable content in the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

The teams include: Connecticut, Georgetown, Illinois, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona and Louisville. Each team will cost $1.99 or they can all be bought as a bundle for $14.99.

Each team will include the best players in the respective school’s history, from older greats like Wes Unseld (Louisville) to some that have played for the particular school in recent years like Draymond Green (Michigan State).

If the idea of playing with the likes of Magic Johnson, Ray Allen and Tim Duncan with their respective college uniforms sounds appealing — note these teams will only be available for the “play now” game mode. Gamers won’t be able to edit the teams.

The individual rankings are based on how dominant these players were while in college.

This comes as an obvious dip of the toe from 2K to gauge interest in the college basketball market. They haven’t released a college-specific game in nearly a decade with College Hoops 2K8. For now, at least it’s nice to have a few NBA 2K17 college teams.

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