NBA 2K22 gets even more realistic with the addition of NBA public announcers to the game.

2K Games unveiled the NBA 2K22 PA Announcers – NBA public announcers in real-life homecourts around the league. Fans of local teams will be very familiar with their hometown voices, but this will also expose these iconic announcers to the rest of the NBA 2K world for the first time. Going beyond just the usual broadcast team from national TV, we now get a glimpse of how it's like to be part of an audience in different courts across different states. The list includes the likes of Sacramento Kings' Scott Moak, Los Angeles Clippers' Eric Smith, and Philadelphia 76ers' Mark Fratto, to name a few.

After last year, I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the noise and cheers that fill an NBA arena each night,” says New York Knicks' Mike Walczewski. “With the style and enthusiasm of every team’s PA announcer now in the game, I truly feel that NBA 2K22 players will experience the thrill and the drama of stepping onto their home-court firsthand.”

NBA 2K22 aims to be the most realistic and most features-heavy NBA 2K game so far. With a lot of next-gen features exclusively for PS5 and Xbox Series X, it pushes the boundaries of what an NBA 2K game could be. It also features a lot of tweaks in the gameplay mechanics for more fluid movement, better offense and defense, and an improved AI.