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NBA impersonator does a hilarious impression of Shawn Bradley

Up until last couple of years, no one has really heard the name Brandon Armstrong. However, when this ex-professional basketball player started doing NBA impressions, he took the internet by storm. First it was NBA superstars like LeBron James, James Harden and Stephen Curry, but he is expanding.

In the most recent impression, the popular BdotAdot took a swing at impersonating Shawn Bradley. The former second pick in the 1993 NBA Draft was an average player for most of his career. However, the German-born center was famous for one thing.

A lot of NBA superstars posterized the 7’6” center, and they did so often. Bradley was posterized so much that there are actual top 10 lists of dunks on him.

Due to this, it was not much of an issue for Armstrong to make a funny video about the former 76er, Net and Maverick. Armstrong posted a short video on Twitter today, making fun of the center.

Armstrong has really risen to fame lately due to this video, and similar impressions. From a failed basketball career, Armstrong gained a massive social media following due to his accurate impressions. The video that launched his online career was the James Harden impression, which he mimicked in the Celebrity All-Star game, at the NBA All-Star Weekend in February of this year.