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300 tickets to Nets-Raptors purchased by producer Andrew Duncan for Chinese pro-Democracy activists


The Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors played their final preseason game to prepare for the coming season. However, the fans who came to watch the game live saw more than just the game as producer Andrew Duncan pulled off a brave stunt in front of the Nets ownership.

Yashar Ali documented the protest that Duncan masterminded.

Buying a single NBA ticket nowadays is expensive as a single regular-season ticket can burn a $100-sized hole in any fan’s pocket. It’s an expensive and gutsy move on Duncan’s part to pull off such a protest. However, getting this many people at Nets owner Joe Tsai’s face is a moral victory for the Hong Kong freedom movement.

The Nets owner came out with a long letter damning Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for his support to the Hong Kong protesters. He’s a passionate supporter of the Chinese government and called Morey out for his opinions.

There are also reports that the Chinese government demanded Morey’s firing over the stunt he pulled. However, the Chinese government denied the allegations presented by NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Moreover, the Chinese crowd was incredibly hostile against the NBA during the China Games that Nets star Kyrie Irving questioned if it was worth playing those games at all.

The entire situation has put the NBA on an interesting situation. They have lambasted the Trump administration for the way they’ve been doing things but are deathly silent on the Chinese political situation. Fans have become disenchanted with the league, and some fans were particularly frustrated with LeBron James’ words.

It’s very likely that Duncan’s stunts will happen again throughout the season. The Nets’ reaction to these protests will have an impact on how Nets games will be moving forward.