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Baron Davis slams Jay Williams over call for NBA to return

Baron Davis, Jay Williams, NBA


Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis slammed ESPN analyst Jay Williams for his take on Get Up on Friday morning imploring NBA players to embrace playing games without fans upon the league’s return, to help society take its collective mind off of the troubling coronavirus pandemic.

“I understand what LeBron was talking about,” the former Dukie said, in response to the King’s comments on the Road Trippin‘ podcast in which he said there’s no “excitement” in sports without fans.

“Playing with fans can bring out a different kind of energy and you can respond to that if you have a moment of being tired mentally or physically. But then I would disagree with him … as hard as it is to manufacture your own energy if you’re playing in an arena without fans … same time, it’s hard for my next-door neighbor who’s pregnant who’s about to have a kid to have a kid in this environment where her husband can’t go into the hospital with her. It’s hard for me to see thousands of people standing outside of hospitals waiting to get tests … So, if there’s one bastion of hope that we have as fans, it’s ‘Please take our mind away from what’s happening currently in the world.’ And if the hard part for players is to play in an arena with no fans, then we have to do that … We need our superstar players to lead the effort to take our minds away from this horrific place that we’re in as a society right now.”

Davis ripped Williams for his insensitivity to the seriousness of the ongoing crisis. “Somebody stick a plunger in his mouth. STFU bro. People getting really sick and people are dying.”

The NBA season has been suspended indefinitely since March 11 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.