NBA news: Chris Andersen wants to make a return
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Chris Andersen wants to make NBA return

Chris Andersen

Chris Andersen has not seen the court in a while since last playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016-17. Birdman is hoping to change that in the near future:

Chris Andersen got his first NBA job back in 2001 with the Denver Nuggets, and although his career consisted of some hardships, the former NBA journeyman feels ready for a return. Andersen made his first NBA Finals appearance in 2013 with the Miami Heat, and he won a championship when the Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs.

Andersen went on to play with the Memphis Grizzlies as well as reuniting with LeBron James in Cleveland back in 2016. Andersen has recently played in the BIG3 and helped Power win the 2018 championship. Andersen clearly hasn’t completely distanced himself from the game of basketball, but he just has not been able to get another job in the NBA since being waived by the Hornets after being traded from the Cavaliers.

The fact remains that Andersen’s love for the game is still very much intact, but whether he can compete at a very fast-paced NBA level of ball remains to be seen. The league has changed a lot since Andersen first joined the league; shooting is key and contact is not tolerated to an extent that Andersen is used to. His physical and tenacious post play is respectable, but the 40-year-old Chris Andersen might not be able to keep up at this stage of his career, and his lack of offensive game could make him a liability on the floor.