It is inevitable that the NBA will be expanding at some point over the next several years and this has been a topic of discussion across the league for quite some time. No matter the time of year, commissioner Adam Silver is always asked about the possibility of expansion when he addresses the media and once again at the 2023 NBA Finals, Silver was asked about when more franchises could be added to the NBA.

When speaking with NBA TV ahead of Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, NBA Hall of Famer and TNT's Shaquille O'Neal asked the NBA commissioner about the possibility of expansion teams being added to Seattle, Las Vegas or other cities.

“It is a possibility and I think what we've said in the last few years, number one we wanted to get our collective bargaining agreement done so we've done that now,” Silver stated. “And the other thing we wanted is to understand what our new media rights packages are and those negotiations will begin in earnest, probably next spring. Once that's done, we'll turn to expansion. We don't have anything specific in mind right now, but I think it makes sense over time. If you are a successful organization that continues to grow, there is no doubt there are a lot of great cities who are interested in having the NBA.”

The Charlotte Bobcats, now the Hornets, were the last expansion team added in 2004, which is why adding two or four more teams has been a possibility for quite some time.

The NBA has continued to record record numbers through the years and the monetary value of franchises across the league continues to grow each year. Settling the new CBA deal and media deals have been at the forefront of the league's mind over the last couple of seasons, but the NBA has never shut the door on adding expansion teams.

Silver has been on record multiple times stating that expansion is inevitable, as he ushered these comments at his press conference ahead of the 2022 NBA Finals last year and at the 2023 NBA All-Star Game this season, the commissioner stated that expansion talks would gain traction in a few years.

As for where the league could possibly look to expand, Las Vegas has been a prominent landing spot for years. Not only has the city added other professional sports teams through the years with success, but the NBA hosts Summer League in Las Vegas every single offseason.

Ever since the Seattle SuperSonics relocated and became the Oklahoma City Thunder, Seattle has remained at the top of the list for NBA expansion as well. Having a passionate sports fan base and a newly renovated multi-purpose arena for the NHL's Seattle Kraken, Seattle would be another ideal landing spot for a new NBA franchise.

Louisville (Kentucky), St. Louis (Missouri), Mexico City (Mexico), Nashville (Tennessee) and Kansas City (Missouri) are among other cities that have been mentioned in the past as possible destinations if the NBA was to expand to 32 or more teams.

Expansion in the NBA seems to be on the horizon and within the next couple of years, two new franchises will likely be introduced to the league.