It appears that former NBA journeyman Delonte West is struggling again. The 38-year-old was recently spotted on the streets panhandling, and unsurprisingly, the brief video clip has now gone completely viral.

A fan randomly saw West walking on the streets holding a sign, which we can only assume says something about asking passers-by for some cash. The fan called West and he even engaged in a bit of a conversation (h/t My Mixtape on Twitter):

Another photo of West is also making its rounds on social media, and apparently, West is currently in Virginia:

The last we heard about Delonte West was in March wherein he was supposedly trying to make a comeback in the basketball scene. The former Saint Joseph's standout was reportedly trying out for Ice Cube's BIG3 league a few months back, but it appears that that did not work out for him as expected.

West has a history of addiction and he's already been through rehab several times in the past. It seems that he could be in trouble again right now.

There's no denying that Delonte West is one of the saddest rock bottom stories in the NBA. Prayers out for this man. I just hope people are still willing to help him out.