NBA news: Dwyane Wade comments on he and LeBron James' son teaming up in high school
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Dwyane Wade comments on he and LeBron James’ sons teaming up in high school

Bronny James, Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has barely had enough time to enjoy retirement life, and LeBron James is still very much in the running for Larry O’Brien trophies and the title as the best basketball player in the world. As depressing as it is to admit, though, it’s undeniable that both players belong to a generation of superstars that’s long been passed by. Case in point: With Wade hanging it up in April, James is the league’s only active player who entered the league in 2003.

But with the decline of one era comes the ascent of another, and fortunately for fans of “Peanut Butter and Jelly,” their teenage sons both have the potential to be among basketball’s newest generation of stars – and will have the chance to prove it on the court together this season. Zhaire Wade and LeBron James, Jr. will both attend Los Angeles’ Sierra Canyon School in 2019-20, playing for a truly star-studded squad that has the chance to be the best high school team in the country.

Asked about Zaire and Bronny teaming up, Wade told Khobi Price of the Chicago Sun-Times that he and James made the decision to send their sons to Sierra Canyon with both friendship and basketball in mind.

“It’s cool to be able to put our kids in positions to do some cool things. Me and ’Bron obviously teamed up. And now our kids get to play together in high school. It’s a cool thing about being friends. Being able to do things like that,” he said. “But we also understand that we’re putting them in great situations, a great place to play at and a great school in Sierra Canyon, playing against great talent.”

Zaire Wade, a senior guard who plays with his dad’s sense of flair, has multiple Division I scholarship offers, including one from Nebraska. Bronny James, meanwhile, is just a rising freshman, but has already impressed scouts with his poise, court sense, shooting stroke, and budding athleticism.