NBA news: Isaiah Thomas reminds everyone that he's not far removed from MVP-level season
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Free agent Isaiah Thomas reminds everyone he’s not far removed from MVP-level season

Isaiah Thomas

Remember the time when Isaiah Thomas played like he was the patron saint of diminutive basketball players? Remember when he dominated the league in such a way that belied his height and silenced naysayers? It was not that long ago. In fact, we should not even be talking about it like it is part of a previous era because the NBA is still in the same generation in which Thomas peaked.

In 2016-17 NBA season, Thomas was regarded as among the league’s elite. People these days tend to have a short memory that some might have forgotten just how good Thomas was that in his final year as a Boston Celtic when he put up a career-high of 28.9 points, 5.9 assists, and shot 46.3 percent from the floor while operating as his team’s go-to scoring option.

In case people need a reminder, here’s Isaiah Thomas with a quick history lesson.

Thomas faded a bit in the basketball masses’ collective memory because of a challenging stretch that succeeded his best season as a pro. He was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of last year and was again shipped last February to the Los Angeles Lakers. In the middle of it all, he was not feeling 100 percent because of a problematic hip, which he had surgery on for the second time in a year just last March.

Thomas is still a free agent, and he is perhaps feeling a bit offended by the lack of attention he is generating in the market despite his credentials and past exploits. Posting more reminders online could help his cause, though.