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VIDEO: Jamal Murray, Nuggets have serious brain fart on last second blunder vs. Wizards

Jamal Murray Nuggets Wizards

Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets may be considered one of the fastest-rising guards in the league. But against the Washington Wizards on Thursday, Murray had a serious brain fart which cost them the game.

Peep the clip below to witness Murray’s blunder in the clutch. The Nuggets had the golden opportunity of either tying the game or win it all in a fastbreak play. Murray himself actually could’ve taken it himself.  But he chucked it to his teammate instead. Note that it wasn’t exactly the best pass in the world.

After the buzzer which confirmed a Nuggets defeat, Murray was evidently disappointed. He seemed to have panicked during that critical possession. One could argue that two Wizards players were about to pounce on him. But Murray did have a split second to toss up a good shot.

A screenshot of the play also reveals that the Nuggets players involved in the play failed to capitalize on the golden opportunity. Literally, all of them, including Michael Porter Jr. were going to jack up a 3-pointer to win the game. Porter Jr. basically had a free lane to the ring. But he chose to go to the short corner instead, leaving Murray little options.

It was definitely a major blunder. Mike Malone and his players will likely review the film to see what went wrong.