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James Harden turning down first $50 million per year deal has Twitter going bonkers

James Harden

James Harden reportedly just turned down a massive two-year extension with the Houston Rockets worth $100 million. Yup, James Harden just turned his back to a record-breaking deal that would have seen him earn a whopping $50 million per season.

We’ve compiled some of the best reactions from Twitter, and let’s just say that there is a general sentiment of disbelief surrounding this recent turn of events.

For starters, it was ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski who first broke the news:

The folks over on Twitter responded with what can only be described as an inability to fathom how Harden could turn down $50 million:

That last tweet pretty much summed it up. Harden was so dead set on leaving Houston that he had the audacity to say no to a deal that would have made him the highest paid player in the history of the NBA. Simply put, the former MVP really, really, really wants out.

This leaves Houston in quite a predicament. Well, in reality, it actually leaves them with no other choice. Barring a stunning change of heart, James Harden will be able to force his way out of the team one way or another, so unless Houston is able to get a superstar caliber player in return, they are likely headed to a full rebuild. Let’s not forget that Russell Westbrook also already has one foot outside the door.

The Rockets appear to have already taken the first steps in their comprehensive overhaul, with the team bringing in a new head coach and general manager. While it does seem unintentional, Houston seems to have placed themselves in a prime position to rebuild even before they knew it.