NBA news: Jimmer Fredette hits a shot from way downtown in TBT
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Jimmer Fredette hits a shot from way downtown in TBT

Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette’s professional career never took off the way many believed it would, but he’s still got that magic touch. While playing in ESPN’s The Basketball Tournament, Fredette pulls up from deep to bury a three and take the lead. This shot brings back memories of Fredette’s days at BYU.

Fredette’s squad fought off the No. 15 seed Peoria Allstars. Jimmer finished the night with 32 points on 9-for-17 shooting.

The Glens Falls, New York native, was a legendary high school player scoring over 2000 points during his career at Glens Falls High School. While attending Brigham Young University, his legend grew. In 2011, he led the nation in scoring and took home National Player of the Year honors.

But unfortunately for Jimmer, success in high school and college never translated to the NBA. He played five seasons in the NBA where he alternated between the NBA ranks and the G League. Fredette could always score, but he could not do much else on the court.

His deficiencies caught up with him and the former lottery pick eventually made his way to China to join the Shanghai Sharks in 2016.

Despite his short-lived career in the NBA, Fredette is always fun to watch. He could be playing in a parking lot in the middle of upstate New York and it would still be entertaining. Pulling up from way downtown was Fredette’s signature even before Stephen Curry brought that shot into the mainstream of basketball.

It’s nice to see Jimmer hasn’t lost his fastball.