The Boston Celtics have been freeing up cap space with their recent off-season moves. Joe Cronin and the Portland Trail Blazers are starting to prepare for Damian Lillard's departure from the team. Both teams are ready to make a splash but John Wall is begging them to consider acquiring him.

John Wall has made huge leaps such that he gets back to the league. His most recent effort was inviting a bunch of teams to a workout so that he can showcase his abilities. The most prominent individuals that were present came from the Celtics and Blazers, per Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard has not seen action after their loss to the Denver Nuggets in January. He was off the team since then due to an abdominal injury. That was also a resurgent night for the former all-star as he notched 16 points on 50% field goal shooting while playing 29 minutes.

The former Kentucky basketball standout has been having a hard time finding a new team. It all traces back to his great stint with the Washington Wizards alongside Bradley Beal. Since he got out of D.C., his performances and statistics have not been comparable to his younger self.

He only averaged 11.4 points per game on 40.8% field goal shooting in his stint with the Clippers last season. This is small compared to his career average of 21.9 points per game. Optimus Dime has been going through a lot but is prepared to make a comeback to the NBA.

Will Brad Stevens' Celtics or Joe Cronin's Trail Blazers give him a shot?