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NBA cancels 2019 Global Camp due to ‘logistical issues’

NBA Global Camp

With the 2019 NBA Draft rapidly approaching (just over 4 weeks to go), all teams are gearing up for intense scouting and film sessions while also scheduling private workouts and attending various events that showcase the various talented amateurs that will grace the NBA next season. One such event is the 2019 Global Camp, which was scheduled to take place in Monaco from May 30 to June 2, showcasing various amateur talents from outside the United States. However, per a story from Jonathon Givony of ESPN, the NBA had to cancel the event due to logistical issues.

“We have canceled the NBA Global Camp 2019 due to logistical issues and other contributing factors that jeopardized our ability to successfully conduct the camp,” NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki Vandeweghe said in a statement to ESPN in Givony’s story. “The camp will return in the future.”

The Global Camp first debuted in 2018 and was essentially an international version of the NBA Draft Combine “with interviews, medical examinations, drills and scrimmages conducted in a similar format to the draft combine in Chicago,” per Givony’s ESPN piece.

Due to scheduling conflicts with the team that uses the gyms that would’ve been employed in the Global Camp, as well as a lack of potential replacement facilities, the NBA opted to pull the plug on the event – despite many journalists and team representatives already booking their trips to the far-flung locale.

Similarly, many international players declared for the NBA Draft in hopes that they would be selected for the Global Camp, which might affect the record number of early entrants from the international ranks now that this event has been canceled.