NBA news: LiAngelo Ball scores 72 points after declaring for 2018 NBA Draft
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LiAngelo Ball scores 72 points after declaring for 2018 NBA Draft

LiAngelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, made a case on Tuesday for why it was a good idea to declare for the NBA Draft.

LiAngelo Ball put up a whopping 72 points for his Lithuanian team Prienu Vytautas in a 159-115 win.

LiAngelo’s little brother, LaMelo, put up 36 points himself in the win.

Some Twitter users were impressed by LiAngelo’s performance.

That amount of points is nothing to sneeze at, but they came against an opponent of lesser stature. None of the players that Ball’s team beat are professionals.

The Ball brothers will have a real test in London in the coming days during the Big Baller’s Clash, per Josh Martin of Lonzo Wire.

While the 19-year-old did well to show off his full range of scoring skills opposite a weary development squad from China, a showcase against seasoned pros in the UK may well offer scouts and curious observers a more complete picture of what he can actually do, albeit at what figures to be an exaggerated pace.

European competition is nothing compared to the NBA. The game is much faster, more physical, and more athletic. LiAngelo wasn’t close to being one of the best players on the UCLA team he would’ve played on had he not been busted for shoplifting in China.

However, perhaps dropping 72 points and 11 rebounds will make some — not many, mind you — NBA scouts start to pay attention to what he’s doing overseas. If continues to have good showings against teams, even if they are inferior, it would not make sense for people to continue completely ignoring him.

That being said, most analysts don’t think LiAngelo will be drafted this summer. That won’t stop a G League team from picking him up, though; there’s still hope for him.