NBA news: Magic Johnson makes admission about Lakers vs. Clippers
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Magic Johnson makes admission about Lakers vs. Clippers

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NBA legend Magic Johnson has already predicted that the Lakers and Clippers will meet in this season’s Western Conference Finals. When asked which of the two teams will be playing for the Larry O’Brien Trophy, however, the five-time champion offered a thought out response.

Johnson admits that the Clippers, who acquired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George before the start of this season, have the better bench rotation. Ultimately, though, Magic pointed to the dynamic duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Interestingly, Magic also noted that the Lakers will need a third scorer to show up when it counts:

“If you look at man-for-man, (the Clippers are) probably better than (the Lakers) in terms of the bench,” the NBA legend said Friday at a McDonald’s-sponsored event in downtown Chicago called “Black & Positively Golden,” via USA Today.

“But to Anthony Davis and LeBron James, to me they are going to be the key and they are going to have to dominate in that series,” Johnson added. “Then we’re going to need that third scorer.”

With James and Davis leading the charge, the Lakers are currently enjoying a Western Conference-leading 41-12 overall NBA record. The Clippers, on the other hand, aren’t that far behind, as their 37-18 mark (third in the West) can attest. Clearly, the battle for Los Angeles is in full swing entering the second half of this regular season. Notably, the Clippers have come away with a victory in their two games against the Lakers this season.