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Metta World Peace picks Tom Brady as greatest athlete ever, gets burned on Twitter

Metta World Peace, Tom Brady

Former NBA player Metta World Peace has a lot of free time these days. So, he took to Twitter to ponder about the greatest athlete of all time. His unexpected answer? Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, while also adding a little request.

He has turned his Twitter to private, but fans already had a chance to pounce on MWP’s surprising post.

One Twitter user replied that Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time, and World Peace, who is an accomplished former NBA player himself, knew he was in trouble for not picking His Airness.

Another fan, meanwhile, listed down names of some of the greatest athletes of all time while insulting Brady.

One was particularly firm in his belief that the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali is the only athlete worthy of being called the greatest of all time.

Another fan pointed out that ex-NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is way better than Brady. But to answer World Peace’s question, he said Brazil’s football icon Ronaldo is the greatest.

To some, Brady shouldn’t even be considered as an athlete.

Metta World Peace is no stranger to controversial comments in the past (who can ever forget his hilarious championship speech in 2010?), and perhaps he consciously wanted to have a healthy discussion with his fans. But while many would assume that he’ll pick an NBA player or even a boxer, his selection of Brady was totally from left field.

The legendary QB, however, could make a strong case for himself. Brady, widely considered as the NFL GOAT, is a six-time Super Bowl champion and a four-time Super Bowl MVP. Definitely can’t be mad at that.