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Michael Jordan’s first 5 words to Allen Iverson when they met

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NBA legend Michael Jordan was not only tough on his teammates but also on rookies, much to the surprise of Allen Iverson.

During Iverson’s rookie year, he played in the Shick Rookie Game during the 1997 All-Star Weekend. It was there when he met Jordan, his idol growing up.

In a recent interview with Complex Sport, Iverson revealed the first five words Jordan said to him during the event.

“The first time I ever talked to him was that year, playing in the rookie game,” the NBA Hall of Fame guard shared. “I’ll never forget it, because he said, ‘What’s up, you little b–ch?’ I’ll never forget it. I looked at him like … ‘All right, man.”


A month later, Jordan’s Chicago Bulls traveled to Philadelphia to play the Philadelphia 76ers and Iverson. Even though the Bulls won in a tightly-contested game, 108-104, Iverson still had a highlight play on him. It was AI’s legendary crossover on Jordan, which has become the most memorable play of his NBA career.

Nevertheless, if Michael Jordan was tough on his teammates, it’s not that surprising he was tough on rookies. Besides, Allen Iverson wasn’t just an ordinary rookie, as he was the No. 1 pick of the 1996 NBA Draft.

Iverson went on to have one of the most dominant rookie seasons in NBA history en route to the Rookie of the Year award. The 21-year-old AI averaged 23.5 points and 7.5 assists in 76 games he played that year. Additionally, he had a very impressive five-game stretch that year, during which he averaged 43.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 7.4 assists.