We've had a couple of wild scoring performances from two diminutive guards this past week. Isaiah Thomas and Payton Pritchard both put social media on notice after their pro-am games, erupting for 81 and 92 points respectively.

Isaiah Thomas' 81 had people clamoring for him to be given another shot on an NBA roster. But with Payton Pritchard's 92 coming right after, it raised some debate about how truly difficult it is to score like Kobe or Wilt in these pro-am settings.

Count Nick Young as a non-believer. Swaggy P was vocal against Isaiah Thomas and Payton Pritchard's scoring displays, calling out the true level of play in the Seattle and Portland pro-am leagues.

“I mean no disrespect but Seattle and Portland gotta have the worst pro am hoops they letting ppl score 92 81 70 50 50 come on y’all stop getting ppl from in front of the liquor store and telling them to come hoop lol”

Anytime you start something with “no disrespect”, it's usually before making a statement with some major shade. That hypothesis wasn't wrong here, as Young basically belittled Isaiah Thomas and Payton Pritchard with his claim here that they were probably playing against randoms off the street.

Nate Robinson, a Seattle native and no stranger to the Seattle pro-am scene, didn't take the slander sitting down. Not only did the former slam dunk champion respond to Nick Young, he also outright dared him to come out and prove it's easy to score in that setting, just like Isaiah Thomas and Payton Pritchard did.

“come on bro u have played in hella @drewleague games and haven’t scored 37 like my bro @isaiahthomas lol that was it 2nd game in the drew lol.. dnt down play of PNW hoppers .. u can come play Sunday @thecrawsover and see if u can get 40 I bet u can’t on ur best day lol but feel free to try bro”


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Nate Robinson just said Nick Young couldn't even drop 40? We better make this happen. Jamal Crawford needs to get in touch with Swaggy P to get him in at The Crawsover and find out once and for all if Isaiah Thomas' 81 was not as easy as people think.