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NBA 2K21 will have 3 cover athletes, to be revealed in ‘TikTok’


NBA 2K just announced that they will have not one but three cover athletes for the up and coming NBA 2k21. The brand is planning a three-day reveal on their newly launched TikTok channel starting on from June 30 to July 2.

The announcement came yesterday as NBA 2k posted their very first TikTok entry, with 2k20 cover athlete Anthony Davis virtually unveiling the details of the 2k21 cover. The video, which has been viewed over 1.8 million times as of writing, seems to suggest that the popular game will have three cover athletes for the first time ever.


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There has been a lot of speculation on this year’s cover athlete, with everything that’s happened over the past season – a season which has been unprecedentedly halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has consequently been prolonged until mid-Fall, possibly. But this recent announcement from 2k Sports is definitely a game-changer.

Initially, speculations were going around that the late Kobe Bryant should be honored as this year’s cover athlete. NBA 2k further stirred the rumor mill by releasing a teaser video earlier this month featuring last year’s first overall pick, Zion Williamson. Will both Kobe and Zion have their own covers? And, if ever there is going to be a third one, who will it be? MJ?

The brand has also said that they will be utilizing this new platform more for latest updates and content about NBA 2k21, which is set to release this Fall. We should expect more updates and posts on NBA 2k’s TikTok page in the coming days as the 2k21 launch approaches. Better get on the app now.