NBA news: NBA contributes 1 million masks to COVID-19 relief
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NBA contributes 1 million masks to COVID-19 relief


As the entire world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA has stepped in to help the city most affected by the outbreak: New York City.

According to a tweet from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the NBA has donated one million surgical masks to the city’s essential workers to help staunch the spread of the extremely contagious virus:

New York has far and away the most cases of the coronavirus in the United States with a whopping 113,704 by itself, to date. The city has also experienced over 3,500 deaths from the disease, which is also the highest number in the entire country.

Because the United States has had the most cases of the disease so far on record with over 300,000, New York’s total would actually rank third in the entire world in terms of COVID-19 cases behind only Spain and Italy.

The death toll of this horrific virus is also exceedingly high at 8,243, behind only Italy (15,362) and Spain (11,744). New York’s death toll of 3,565 would is actually more than in China (3,326), where the virus originated from according to a variety of reports and studies. Admittedly, there have been concerns that China has purposefully hidden its true death toll and amount of cases, but those have claims have yet to be confirmed.

It is good to see the NBA be proactive in this unprecedented modern pandemic, as they have an avid following and a strong leader in Adam Silver. It was the NBA that got the ball rolling on major sports shutting down seasons after it was reported that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz had contracted the virus.