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Nick Young challenges Chad Johnson to a boxing fight, ex-Bengals star responds

Nick Young, Chad Johnson

It was recently confirmed that former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson will be fighting in the undercard for the highly-anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul exhibition bout. His opponent hasn’t been named as of yet, which is why Nick Young has decided to offer his services for his buddy.

Young reached out to Ochocinco on Twitter to tell Johnson that he’s more than willing to get in the ring for the fight:

Young did place the “lol” acronym right at the end of his tweet but you know that he was serious about his proposal. The 6-foot-7 shooting guard hasn’t played in the NBA since 2019, so he’s likely looking for a significant payday right now. He saw an opportunity so Young shot his shot.

Unfortunately for him, Johnson did not think it was a good idea:

There is clearly a lot of love between the pair, but this does not mean that they can’t talk smack against each other. Johnson was ruthless with his response as he told Nick Young that he would be in a world of pain if they faced off in the boxing ring.

Chad Johnson has long been a fan of combat sports and he has actually trained at Mayweather’s boxing club for many years. He’s also a huge name in the NFL (despite being retired for several years now) so it was only natural that he was invited to feature in what is expected to be a huge money-making boxing spectacle.

Chad Johnson will be making his boxing debut in the Mayweather-Paul undercard where he is expected to take the ring in a four- to six-round exhibition bout.