The ninja-style headbands gained tons of popularity in the NBA's on-court fashion trends last season. However, fans won't be seeing them anymore in the upcoming season as Nike and the league have reportedly banned it.

Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott confirmed the development when fans asked on Twitter if he will sport the ninja-style headbands once again. Scott isn't too happy with the decision as well and told fans to start a petition.

Aside from Scott, among the players who sported this look are New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday, Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox, new Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and Los Angeles Clippers big man Montrezl Harrell.

Seriously, though, it's such a shame that Nike is taking away something that was so popular with both players and the fans. Fans loved seeing this new look last season, as the traditional headbands have begun to look stale. It's also disappointing that the league is revoking the players' rights to wear them during games.

With their reasoning, we beg to question: what about the ninja-style headband looks unprofessional? Is it really all because of aesthetics?

There are no sponsorship politics involved since Nike is making them anyway. Plus, it doesn't really affect any part of the game at all. There would be a case if they fall off easily and could be harmful to other players when they randomly spill on the floor. So far, however, this hasn't happened and no players have complained.

Hopefully Scott can push his petition further so that the NBA will consider lifting the ban on such a popular trend.