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Ray Allen still takes Michael Jordan over LeBron James as the greatest of all time

There is one question that has been presented to almost every NBA commentator, pundit, and player for several years now: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Hall of Famer Ray Allen has weighed in on the debate and made it clear which camp he sides with:

This question has caused heated debate and will continue to do so. Both players were so dominant in their era that there are die-hard supporters on each side who insist that one is clearly better than the other. Even while Dan Patrick presented a different view on the debate, Allen insisted that Jordan is far and away the GOAT, even though he would definitely still rank James in the top five.

The one point Allen conceded is that James is a better passer than Jordan. Allen went on to say that Jordan was an amazing two-way player, and even though he didn’t shoot as many 3-pointers as LeBron, he could still shoot the ball extremely well and would’ve stretched his range if he played in today’s NBA.

Allen has a history with both players. He idolized Jordan and then matched up against MJ as a newcomer to the league while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. Allen detailed how Jordan would drop 45 points on him effortlessly.

Allen won a championship alongside James as a member of the Miami Heat during the 2012-13 season, capping off one of the last years in his career with one of the most clutch shots in basketball history during Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

It’s interesting to get the opinion of someone who shared the court with both legends. While some NBA fans will certainly disagree with Allen, his words carry weight.