NBA news: Stan Van Gundy's solution for racial injustice in United States
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Stan Van Gundy has solution for racial injustice in United States

Stan Van Gundy

Former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy has just provided as straightforward two-step approach as to how to resolve the issue of social injustice in the country.

Van Gundy took to Twitter to explain what he believes are the two most important steps we all need to take in order to put and end to the systemic racism that has plagued the nation.

Although overly simplified to an extent, Van Gundy is not wrong here. He presents a very valid, two-pronged solution to an age-old issue that is deeply rooted in American culture. It may sound simple and straightforward, but it certainly is much harder than it seems.

Proper education has been identified by many as one of the biggest prerequisites in achieving equality anywhere, but Van Gundy is also pointing out here that what we educate ourselves with is equally, if not even more important. There are so many versions of the truth, and the myriad of information and misinformation readily available on the internet makes this task quite daunting. However, it is doable.

Owning up to our shortcomings is perhaps even more difficult. It’s about accepting that we are at fault, and that the solution begins within us. It is only after we fix ourselves that we can begin trying to fixing everything else.

Kudos to Van Gundy for providing us with a timely reminder here. It’s a shame that a great mind like his has been left out in the NBA to this very day. The last we saw the 60-year-old in the league was during the 2017-18 season with the Detroit Pistons. There are a handful of opening in the leagues, so SVG might be in for another run in the NBA sooner rather than later.