The NBA has some questions to answer regarding tampering once again. The trades under investigation are the Chicago Bulls-New Orleans Pelicans trade involving Lonzo Ball and the Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors trade involving Kyle Lowry.

The NBA has tried to cut down on tampering in recent years by implementing harsher penalties. But, according to Marc Stein, it seems these trades aren't in jeopardy of being reversed:

“Slim to none. “Unwinding” one of these deals, to use the insider term for dismantling an NBA transaction, is probably the only measure that the league could take to truly dissuade such overt rule-breaking, but no one I’ve encountered in recent days expects either sign-and-trade to be rescinded after both deals were publicly announced as complete.”

Things could get really sticky if that is the case, especially after the Milwaukee Bucks had a similar situation last year regarding Bogdan Bogdanovic. The Bucks were fined and didn't end up with Bogdanovic, though them not ending up with him lessened the penalty. Still, if the Heat keep Lowry and the Bulls keep Ball while not getting harshly punished, one has to imagine that the Bucks would be furious over the situation.

So, in theory, the NBA and Adam Silver have a lot of questions to answer regarding all these deals being made before free agency officially began, and it probably won't change anytime soon. Tampering is pretty prevalent all across the NBA, so it's a tough situation to deal with.