New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart is a well-known gamer, but you probably won't catch the professional hooper playing NBA 2K on Twitch.

When it comes to sports video games, the New Orleans Pelicans guard said he prefers to play Madden over 2K. 

His reasoning comes down to realism, as he explained to Ariana Escalante and Andre Stone at Digital Trends. In Hart's opinion, football is easier to realistically simulate than basketball.

“Honestly? I don’t really play 2K. It’s so unrealistic!” Hart said. “I feel like it’s so hard for creators to simulate our movement on the court, and I feel like with Madden, it’s easier. But for basketball, it’s totally different.”

Well, that isn't the only reason he hasn't been on 2K21.

“My overall isn’t that crazy high, and I want to go out and score 40 with myself every time. I don’t really get the luxury to do that,” Hart joked.

He's rated 76 in NBA 2k, which does seem a bit low. Nine games into his fourth NBA season, the 25-year old is averaging 8.4 points and 8.4 rebounds(!) in 28.1 minutes per game off the bench for the 4-5 Pelicans.

Hart's go-to game at the moment is Call of Duty: War Zone.

“I probably play like an hour or two of Call of Duty: War Zone or something like that, then nap, get up, shower, get dressed, and go to the [basketball] game…That’s really my game-day routine.”

In the bubble, Hart posted an NSFW video showing him getting roasted by fellow Call of Duty players.

After taking up golf over the summer,  Josh Hart shared an image of him photoshopped onto the cover of Take-Two's golf franchise, PGA TOUR 2k21.

As for his fiancé's stance on his gaming tendencies?

“She’s not the biggest fan,” Hart said. “But I think she’s learning how to live with it because she realizes it’s not going anywhere.”