Twitter uncovers that Dwight Howard screenshots from Masin Elijè may be fake

Dwight Howard

Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard has been embroiled in a scandal in recent days. Masin Elijè, who identifies as a gay man, came out with the bombshell claims that Howard harassed him and is his former boyfriend.

Elijè tweeted that he was afraid to speak the truth after his life was allegedly threatened by Howard, accusing him of sexually harassing, threatening and manipulating him. The eight-time NBA All-Star has been the subject of intense social media scrutiny since these accusations, with many considering whether or not Elijè’s claims are true.

Elijè subsequently tweeted out a screenshot of an Instagram conversation he allegedly had with Dwight Howard, with the two seemingly discussing if Howard has an attraction to transgender people.

However, Elijè’s attempt at corroborating his story with evidence may have backfired horribly:

This is a simple observation, and one that many likely glazed over without considering, but this may just be enough to prove that Howard is being unfairly targeted.

Dwight Howard hasn’t yet addressed this scandal, and it’s unclear if he ever will or will simply try to handle this quietly. There are plenty of rumors going around, and you never can be sure what’s true and what’s fake, especially in this day and age.

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