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Report: Vince Carter makes his next career move after NBA retirement

Vince Carter, NBA, ESPN

According to a report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, former NBA rim-rocker Vince Carter has made a decision about his post-playing career, opting to serve as a full-time analyst for ESPN.

Carter, now 43 years of age, was an iron man in the NBA. The former UNC Tar Heels standout and No. 5 overall pick played 22 seasons in the league, earning eight All-Star nods along the way.

It should come as no surprise that Vince Carter would land a a job in this field. His knowledge of the game will lend itself to any broadcast, and he has already spent time in front of the cameras. In fact, most sports media outlets have been eyeing him as a prospect for quite a while. Furthermore, he has a minor in communications.

As part of a profile in the New York Post last year, Carter defined what his on-air style might be like:

“I wouldn’t go (the) Stephen A. (Smith) route,” Vince Carter said, noting Smith’s bombast. “I wouldn’t go the quiet route. … I want to explain the game where you are watching it and say: Ah, that makes sense.”

During a June episode of his podcast, Vinsanity made a formal retirement announcement. His final game came on the night the NBA suspended the season in March.

In 1,541 games played over the course of his career in the NBA, Vince Carter racked up averages of 16.7 points on 43.5 percent shooting from the field (37.1 percent from beyond the arc), 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists. A future Hall of Famer, he’ll now look to take his knowledge of the game to the airwaves on a full-time basis.