NBA players open up about addiction to Fortnite video game
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NBA players open up about addiction to Fortnite video game


Fortnite is the latest craze to take over the video game world, and evidently, it has also taken over the NBA world too, and some NBA stars are playing late into the night trying to get that one win.

Leo Sepkowitz of Bleacher Report recently caught up with some NBA stars to talk about their newest addiction. ONe of the games biggest fans is Andre Drummond, even though he is terrible at all the game. He doesn’t get many kills if any at all, and his biggest goal is to just not get killed in the first few seconds of the game.

“The funny part about it is I really suck,  I’m just not that good.”

Terrance Ross is also a big Fortnite player and gives probably the best description of what the game is all about.

“Basically, it’s like the Hunger Games,” Ross said. “One hundred people on a map, survival game—find your supplies, weapons, materials. And basically after that, it’s every man for himself.” (Or every team for itself—you can play in a duo or a quad.)

The battle royale version he is talking about is free for anyone who has a PC, PS4 or an Xbox One. Fortnite also has a campaign mode that can be paid for, but most NBA players prefer the free one.

The biggest issue with Fortnite is how one can lose time playing it. One night Josh Hart played until 4 am with the Los Angeles Lakers having a 1pm tip-off scheduled.  It didn’t seem to affect the Lakers rookie though as he proceded to get a double-double in that game.

The Fortnite has taken over the NBA world, and one of the most popular places for the stars to play it is on the long road trips.

Once teams get checked into their hotels one of the first things that some of the guys are doing is getting Fortnite fired up.

So next time your favorite player has a bad game maybe it’s just because they are tired after a long night of gaming.