The National Basketball Referee Association is upset and they want things to change.

The issue they're having is with the NBA’s Last-Two Minute Reports that the league releases documenting missed calls in the most critical moments of each game.

The NBA claims they are doing it for transparency reasons with the public. The admission of the officials missing calls, sometimes-crucial calls, is only part of the solution. The report doesn’t implicate punishment for any referee, nor does it change the outcome of any game.

The NBA simply is saying, ‘we missed these calls, we acknowledge it, and will look to do better in the future.' If it’s nothing more than a collection of data, technology is leaving excuses as to why plays cannot be captured behind.

The NBRA is not in agreement with what the NBA is doing, believing these reports have caused more harm than good, and they have asked for other means of discipline and transparency instead. They also believe is encourages hostility towards officials while not changing the outcomes of games (which is true).

Reinhold Matay, USA TODAY Sports

Commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN that he sees it differently, saying it validates how much the officials actually get calls right.

Roughly 90 percent – they get it right. Now, of course, I'd like 90 percent to be 100 percent. And so would they. But what these reports also show, what fans already know is, human error is part of this game, and the best athletes in the world make mistakes. And coaches occasionally make mistakes. Officials do, too.

My goal is for it not to be a story line. There's no question about that. And even if you ask our officials, their goal is to not be noticed.

There is a sense of a need for more than what has been given. Some coaches, referees and fans alike feel the same way about it. Everyone feels there is a need to inject some life into how the game is officiated, but there hasn't been a solution presented and implemented that works to truly make a difference.

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