Bruce Brown is expected to be a big name on the NBA free agency market that officially opens up on Friday. Rumors are that the Denver Nuggets guard apparently almost signed with the Dallas Mavericks during last offseason's NBA free agency, but the Mavs decided to sign JaVale McGee instead, via the Hoop Collective Podcast.

“I think the Mavericks are going to have a much better offseason this year than they did last year.”

Losing out on Bruce Brown because the Mavs preferred JaVale McGee definitely does not look good now that Brown played a huge role in the Nuggets NBA Finals victory. However, it sounds like the Mavs are going to make another run at Bruce Brown and expect them to take him a little more seriously this time around.

As of right now, it seems that Brown is most likely going to return to the Nuggets. He hinted at a return during the NBA Finals parade, and there is no question that he is a big piece of this current Nuggets team and will continue to be so if he stays.

NBA free agency starts officially on Friday and will be the beginning of any offers being sent to Brown. The Mavs will probably be one of the busier teams in NBA free agency given the rumors of how desperate they are to contend while still having Luka Doncic. Bruce Brown would be a great addition to add some toughness to a Mavs team that was severely lacking in grit last season. Although they missed out on Brown last year, the Mavs now have a golden opportunity to make up for their mistake.