NBA rumors: Jeremy Lin seriously considering offers from multiple CBA teams
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Rumor: Jeremy Lin seriously considering offers from multiple CBA teams


It might not be too long before Jeremy Lin finds a job, but if he does, it might not even be in the NBA. The 30-year-old point guard is reportedly receiving several offers from the Chinese Basketball Association, with strong interest to have him bring his talents to the other side of the world, according to Chinese basketball reporter Jia Wei (via Jonathan White of the South China Morning Post).

Lin has had interest from teams in Russia, including supergiant CSKA Moscow, though he’s reportedly paid them no mind, focusing on a potential NBA opportunity.

Yet more than six weeks have passed since the start of free agency and the market has nearly frozen over after a frantic wave of signings during the first few days of July.

Lin played half of the past 2018-19 season with the Atlanta Hawks as a veteran mentor to Trae Young and was eventually acquired by the Toronto Raptors, whom he helped in their way to a championship, though playing very limited minutes as a third-string point guard.

The Torrance native battled through an unfortunate injury during the season-opener of the 2017-18 season, forcing him to miss the entire campaign. While he is still a workable asset, he does not excel in any particular area and has lost some explosiveness after his injury, which has left NBA teams wary of his services.

Lin could prove himself in China, where he’s long said he would explore someday — but that day may be coming much sooner than he thought. If he signs with a Chinese team, it isn’t rare to see a player have an NBA opt-out clause, as many other players surveilling foreign waters have done in the past.