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Charles Barkley says he hasn’t worn underwear in a decade

Charles Barkley

Boxers or briefs? How about neither one? That’s exactly how NBA legend Charles Barkley feels about wearing underpants. In fact, “Sir Charles,” as he’s come to be known, recently noted that he hasn’t worn underwear in a decade.

Barkley, now 55 years of age, joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show earlier this week. After discussing the upcoming NBA season for a bit, Barkley and Fallon took a call-in question from a fan, who turned out to be Shaquille O’Neal.

“We have a video question from a fan of yours,” Fallon said to Barkley during their interview. “He has a question for you, and I think his name is Shaquille.”

“Charles Barkley,” Shaq said during his video question for Chuck. “A source close to me tells me that you don’t wear underwear when you’re live on TV. How come you don’t wear drawers?”

Barkley, who works with Shaq on the set of NBA on TNT, immediately cracked up in laughter. After a brief pause to gather his thoughts, Barkley shed some light on why he doesn’t wear underwear.

“Jimmy,” Barkley began to say. “About ten years ago…”

Once Barkley hinted that he hasn’t worn underwear in 10 years, the on-set crowd began to chuckle.

“… About ten years ago, I felt that underwear — in the South we call them drawers — I thought they were unnecessary for… space in the house. So, I got all my drawers together and had a big ol’ bonfire. I’ve been 10 years without underwear, and I feel good about it, Jimmy.”

Underwear or not, Barkley is still recognized as one of the greatest forwards to ever play in the NBA. The Alabama native racked up several prestigious accolades over the course of his career, including 11 All-Star selections, five All-NBA First-Team nods, and one MVP (1993). And just for the record, his No. 34 jersey has been retired by two teams: the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s probably safe to say that Shaq and the rest of the TNT crew will be giving Charles a hard time about this all season long, but it sounds like he doesn’t mind.