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Video: Josh Jackson, Taurean Prince receive technicals for shoving during Hawks-Suns

The Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns are two of the bottomest of the bottom-feeders in the NBA.

But don’t tell them that.

Late in the game between the two teams on Sunday, things got a little chippy after the Hawks got called for goaltending. There was pushing and shoving, then more pushing and more shoving.

What resulted was Suns guard Josh Jackson and Hawks forward Taurean Prince receiving technicals for their roles in the fracas. Isaiah Taylor of the Hawks and Elfrid Payton of the Suns were both ejected.

Prince goaltended Jackson’s layup and then stood behind him for a spell. Apparently, Jackson did not like that one bit, so he shoved Prince, who shoved back. The two had to be separated after that.

The ejections handed out were probably because both Taylor and Payton appeared to escalate the situation. In the video, Taylor is clearly seen coming out of nowhere into the scuffle.

View the video below to see in real time what happened.

Just like all over NBA scuffles, this one was a whole lot of nothing. Yes, there was some shoving and technicals handed out, but it dissipated rather quickly.

It’s a mystery as to why people care so much about things like this anymore. There will never be another Malice at the Palace — maybe because the Palace at Auburn Hills no longer exists.

The funny thing here is the Hawks and Suns have absolutely nothing to play for other than lottery positioning. So the only thing they should be upset about is the fact that one of them actually has to win a game.

Actually, if that were the reason the two teams were fighting, that’d be a better narrative. “Why did you goaltend my shot? It wasn’t going in anyway!” “Because I want to lose!”