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VIDEO: LaMelo, Lonzo, LiAngelo Ball take part in peaceful protest


New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball and his brothers LaMelo and LiAngelo joined dozens of protesters in their Chino Hills neighborhood in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last Monday.

Below is a compilation of the videos posted by the Ball brothers via Instagram, as they live-streamed their participation in the peaceful protests:

Lonzo Ball also posted this photo on his Instagram account, showing their group holding up various signs as part of their protest efforts. He also accompanied the image with some pretty strong words in his caption:

Ball is drawing from his own personal experience here by pointing out that he comes from an interracial family. According to Ball, they are living proof that different races can coexist in harmony. We all know how the Ball family — especially their patriarch, LaVar — is quite outspoken. This time around, the Ball brothers are using their celebrity status to speak out for the social injustices that continue to mire the nation.

More than a few NBA personalities have likewise joined in on the many protests across the country. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and some of his players took part in the protests in their city, while Enes Kanter and Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics even made their own speeches during the protests in Boston. However, there is perhaps no other player more involved than C’s swingman Jaylen Brown, who himself drove 15 hours to lead the peaceful protests in Atlanta. Brown’s actions have garnered the approval and praise of many throughout the league.