NBA video: Nike drops 'Don't Do It' ad after players cry over racial injustice
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VIDEO: Nike drops powerful ‘Don’t Do It’ ad after players cry over racial injustice


Nike is not one to shy away from chiming in on the most polarizing of issues, and it has once again proven the same by releasing a powerful ad that addresses the social injustices that have mired America in recent weeks. The giant sporting brand has switched up its famed “Just Do It” slogan in order to send a strong message against racism:

Nike’s new ad comes in the wake of a string of events that have caused an outcry not only within the NBA and the sporting world in general, but throughout the whole nation as well. The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police earlier this week served as the final straw in what has been a series of injustices against African Americans. So much so, that even Nike itself could no longer afford to sit silently in the sidelines without making its voice heard.

It’s hard not to compare Nike’s current stance to how it responded to such socially relevant issues a few decades ago. If you remember, ESPN/Netflix’s “The Last Dance” featured how Michael Jordan, the brand’s ultimate ambassador, refused to engage in matters pertaining to the social-political sphere at that time. The Chicago Bulls legend received criticism for not wanting to endorse Harvey Grant, who was looking to be the first African American senator out of Jordan’s home state of North Carolina back in 1990. When asked about the same, this prompted the infamous “Republicans buy sneakers, too” remark from Jordan.

Times have certainly changed, and we’re glad that Nike has now put its beliefs and integrity above any and all potential monetary profit or loss.