Retired NBA great and current Turner commentator Shaquille O'Neal has not-so-quietly developed a penchant for mosh pit activities.

O'Neal, 47, was spotted at the center of another mosh pit with electronic music blaring and dancing attendees surrounding the Hall of Fame center.

The four-time NBA champion and occasional rapper and DJ is seen holding a microphone and urging the crowd on at ostensibly his own set. O'Neal's mosh pit comes weeks after he was seen dancing with other people in a crowd at the Tomorrowland music festival.

With a called-off feud with former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Kobe Bryant apparently over with, O'Neal has more time to relax, or in his own fashion, body people under seven-feet tall listening and dancing to music.

Bryant, 41, tweeted on Saturday there was no “beef” between him and O'Neal. The Big Diesel humorously replied that he thought a perceived dig at him was actually directed towards Dwight Howard, with O'Neal purposefully missing “Dwite.”

Howard recently signed with the Lakers, marking a second stint with the purple and gold franchise after L.A. traded for the three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Even Howard and O'Neal have had a simmering feud over the years, with both centers originating with the Orlando Magic before escaping to Los Angeles.

O'Neal has always been a character in and out of the league. After appearing in films like Blue Chips and Kazaam, O'Neal anted up his personality in game, too, producing memorable moments and often dancing—just like in the mosh pit. When the former Laker retired, he joined the NBA on TNT's broadcast crew, quickly endearing himself with frequent digs at co-host Charles Barkley.