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UNC-Duke featuring Zion Williamson has ticket prices at Super Bowl levels

zion williamson

The legend of Zion Williamson only has gotten bigger this year. It’s gotten Super Bowl big, in fact. Ahead of Wednesday’s Duke-North Carolina game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, tickets to see the favored No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft have been priced at $2,500 — and that’s only enough for the cheap seats.

According to Kyle Zorn, a marketing strategist for secondary ticket seller TickPick, $2,674 is what one would have paid on Jan. 27 for the cheapest available ticket to the Feb. 3 Super Bowl. (h/t Myron Medcalf of ESPN).

“As far as Duke this year, I haven’t seen anything like this,” Zorn said.

“Between Zion Williamson, a No. 1 ranking and this being one of the biggest rivalries in sports, there’s intense demand,” Zorn said. “There’s also a limited supply of inventory, which is having a major effect on price. Cameron Indoor Stadium has 13 percent the seating capacity of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. When you factor in that the floor seating is reserved for students, you’re left with a short supply — and massive demand.”

With Williamson’s star power packing the stands on nearly a nightly basis, accompanied by Duke’s current superiority as the nation’s No. 1 team, it makes it difficult for any admission price to be ideal. The translucent talent of freshmen RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish can also not go unheeded.

North Carolina is currently behind in the rankings at No. 8, though they do give the Blue Devils an alluring matchup – just as they always do in one of the greatest yearly clashes in sports.