Oklahoma softball star Jordy Bahl announced on Monday that she is transferring from the program, and she is already reportedly visiting Nebraska softball today, according to Lincoln Arneal of Huskers Illustrated.

It is not a shock that Jordy Bahl is visiting the Nebraska softball program today. In her announcement declaring that she is transferring from the Oklahoma softball program, she mentioned she wanted to return to her home state of Nebraska.

Bahl was a star pitcher at Oklahoma, and was a big part of the team's 61-1 record and championship this season. Bahl expressed the desire to return home in the announcement.

“I have decided to return home and play the game I love… I am excited to return home and be Jordy Bahl the softball player, but more importantly the person… and I am excited to finish the softball journey right where it began,” Bahl said in her statement.

Oklahoma softball likely would have gone into next season as the favorites to win it all next season. With the departure of Bahl, it will be a lot tougher to make that happen. Bahl finished the season with a 22-1 record and a 0.90 ERA. She won two national championships at Oklahoma, so the Sooners will always have that.

Given Bahl's statement and her reasons for transferring, it seems close to inevitable that Bahl will end up at Nebraska. There is no reason for the program to not welcome her with open arms. She is a hometown hero, and had an ERA under 1.00 last season. It will be interesting to see when the move becomes official