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Nets’ Blake Griffin reacts to Steve Nash not calling timeout amid Bucks’ 18-1 run

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Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash has received an ample amount of criticism for not calling a timeout amid the Milwaukee Bucks’ 18-1 run on Tuesday. This decision might have led to the Nets’ defeat. But for veteran forward Blake Griffin, the no-call by Nash didn’t have any bearing on the result.

Per Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Griffin believes that the Bucks were just the better team that night. Timeouts wouldn’t have remedied the situation.

Griffin further noted that he and his teammates weren’t as hungry as the Bucks were. And that’s basically why they lost.

This marks the Nets’ second straight loss to the Nets. Overall, the Nets have lost three times in a row. The games have a little bearing at this point in the season. But given that Bucks are expected to make another deep playoff run, some fans are showing signs of concern. Can Brooklyn, amid their stellar season, perform when it matters the most?

Some might argue that Brooklyn are still missing the services of James Harden. We all know that the Beard is capable of. But then again, the Nets still have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the fold. And injuries are part of the game. Reports reveal that Harden needs more time to rest and recuperate.

Whatever the case may be, it still a good sign that Griffin is showing signs of urgency but at the same time, not throwing someone under the bridge. He knows the expectations surrounding Brooklyn and that it would be wiser to stick together than point fingers.