The Brooklyn Nets may have lost a superstar talent after trading Kyrie Irving, but they are getting so much more in return. Not only did they get key complementary pieces in Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith, but they are also saving a lot of money in the deal.

In the wake of the Irving move, Brooklyn's financial benefits have been revealed as well, per Nets Daily. They are getting two trade exceptions in the deal, one worth $5 million and another worth $1.8 million. Aside from that, getting Irving's contract off their books saves them $28.8 million in luxury taxes–with their bill dropping from $108 million to $80 million.

Of course there is also the fact that the Nets finally got their hands off of Irving, who has caused plenty of on- and off-court distractions to the team since his arrival.

Dinwiddie gives the Nets a guard replacement who is not only familiar with the Brooklyn organization but also seems to be a better fit alongside Kevin Durant. Then there's Finney-Smith, who gives Brooklyn exactly what they need: a wing defender who can bolster their perimeter defense.

There is no doubt the Nets got the best return that they can from Irving, and they are saving a lot of money while still being a championship contender.

As for the Dallas Mavericks, it remains to be seen if their gamble for Kyrie will pay off. The veteran playmaker has the talent for sure, but whether he can fit well alongside Luka and if he would want to stay in Dallas are questions that have yet to be answered.