This might have been said a lot throughout the season but once again the Brooklyn Nets have gotten better, at least on paper. The Nets signed seven time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge on Saturday as their buyout market acquisition.

Of course, like any other NBA news, this drove social media wild—especially given that the Nets now have six players that have been All-Stars in their careers. Here’s how NBA Twitter reacted to Aldridge going to the Nets. 

Of course, it’s not NBA Twitter if we don’t include Freezing Cold takes

Haven’t seen this lineup on the floor yet but yikes, infinity stones indeed.

Just talent on talent on talent teaming up together with the Nets.

LeBron James’ fans are always on their propaganda but they’re not wrong this time

Will the Nets be the next villain of the NBA? It’s honestly looking like it

With all due respect sir, fans want to see the big three throughout the playoffs.

In fairness to to the Nets big 3, this is probably what they felt too once upon a time

We just wanted to see a Lakers led by LeBron versus Nets led by Durant in the finals. But at this point, it’s a Western Conference team versus superteam.

What’s even more intriguing is that the Nets have one more roster spot available. Whoever they add will join what is already considered a stacked superteam, at least on paper.

The team is currently second in the Eastern Conference standings and have defeated a couple of above .500 even without their complete roster. They’re definitely the team that everyone has their eyes on this season.