Nets news: Joe Harris reveals story for his extreme fist-pump celebration
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Nets’ Joe Harris reveals hilarious story for his extreme fist-pump celebration

Joe Harris, Nets

Brooklyn Nets sharpshooter Joe Harris revealed the backstory of his extreme fist-pump celebration, one that has caught the attention of many around the league, including former New Jersey Net Richard Jefferson.

Jefferson, who was a guest color commentator during the Nets’ recent 106-105 win over the Indiana Pacers, couldn’t contain his laughter in admiration of Cool Hand Joe’s celebration.

The reigning Three-Point Contest champion explained how the celly came along.

“It’s sort of an inside joke with everybody in the team,” said Harris. “Sort of the long story short — some of the guys in the team joked with me that it’s the whitest thing that I do or have done with the fist pumps up, it’s sort of a running joke now.”

Harris is only a Dave Chappelle “byahhh!” cry away from taking this celebration to true levels of locker room mockery.

Yet no one can argue with the results. Harris is shooting a sparkling 40.8% from deep this season as the Nets’ marksman by design.

This is the third straight season in which the 6-foot-7 forward is railing threes at a clip above 40%. If his career mark of 42.3% is any indication, he is one of the most potent 3-point specialists in the league and one that has kept the Nets afloat in many dicey situations.

He buried 4-of-7 against Indiana on Tuesday and scored five of the Nets’ final seven points of the game, including a 28-footer to put them up 104-103 with 27.2 seconds left before Spencer Dinwiddie buried the game-winner with 5.1 seconds left.