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Nets star Kevin Durant, Shannon Sharpe get into Twitter spat over ‘fake quotes’

Nets, Kevin Durant, Shannon Sharpe

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is at with the talking heads once again. Only this time, he will not be made to be the “sensitive” type.

Durant and UNDISPUTED co-star Shannon Sharpe got into a back-and-forth on Twitter on Tuesday after Durant inquired as to why Sharpe was pushing “fake quotes” about him.

Sharpe responded by saying he was perfectly willing to talk, but would not do so on social media. The Nets star fired back the ridiculousness of Sharpe having a national platform and saying things on Twitter but refusing to have a discussion on a public thread.

So, how did it all end? Well, Sharpe clearly had no interest in discussing things with Durant.

The former league MVP shared a screenshot of his being blocked by the Hall of Fame tight end, again prodding at the notion he was the sensitive figure online.

Durant seems to have a point, even if Sharpe might have blocked him so as to avoid being peppered especially in light of the KD-Michael Rapaport saga.

It isn’t really fair to attribute strange quotes to Durant when the Nets veteran has pretty consistently suggested he just wants to focus on basketball. Sure, Durant can be called out for burner accounts and old tweets, but misattribution is something else. That’s especially true when Sharpe says KD feels he has the greatest basketball legacy in league history.

Durant likely does feel he is one of the greatest players ever, which he is. But he probably has too much respect to openly place himself above LeBron James or some of the other legends in the sport’s history.